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011FI: Terry Gilliam's Brazil (1985)

The Shining

010FI: The Shining (1980) Room 237 Ghost Appearance

Acts of Resistance

009VA: Acts of Resistance

Dario Argento and Light

008FI: Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977)

Rio Usumacinta Mexico

007TR: Exploring Rió Usumacinta, Mexico

Il Palio Siena Italy

006TR: Il Palio, Siena, Italy: The Spectacle

Acts of Poetry

005VA: Acts of Poetry

Dantes Divine Paradox

004LI: Dante's Divine Comedy and Florence

Solaris Artemiev and Bach

003MU: Solaris (1971) Music Score: Exploring Artemiev and J. S. Bach

Courbet VR Studio

002VA: Inside Courbet's Painter's Studio (VR)

Human relationships with Nature, Space and Dreams

001FI: Solaris (1972) by Andrei Tarkovsky: Soviet Union, Science Fiction and Poetry


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© John Kellock

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