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01. Jupieter

02. Efímera

03. Śruti



This collection shows the process of trying to achieve Henosis, a state of becoming one with the fundament of ultimate reality. It shows the masculine and the feminine personifications. The work represents an attempt to embody the character NATURA* which is the central protagonist of the project (see project description). The two channels of the work each represent a scale of which it is possible approach NATURA*; the microscopic, cellular scale and the macroscopic, cosmic scale. However at certain points in the work these scales merge and become indistinguishable, oscillating between different states, constantly in motion. Everything swirls - dilates - mixes - converts - transposes - reorganises - adapts - evolves. This constant uncertain state of impermanence renders any attempt to represent it as inherently flawed. The work is made with analogue visual effects techniques using very basic materials such as ink, milk and water in combination with in-camera trucage.

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© John Kellock